KEROSTM is an Security IC of the Authentication for Certified Products,

and a Registered Trademark of Chipsbrain Co., Ltd.


Key Features of KEROS

  • High-level Encryption standard, AES 256-bit adopted
  • Hardwired Copy Protection Cuircuit
  • 2KBytes Secure EEPROM embedded
  • Wide range of supplied voltage - 2.0V ~ 3.3V IO vtg makes high compatibility in communicating to Host MCUs
  • Supporting both Single-Wire communication and I2C protocol
  • Zero external parts - Built-in LDO(1.8V ~ 3.3V), POR(Power On Reset) / 20MHz Oscillator
  • Supporting Shutdown mode - Extremely low power operation
  • Various Package types supported - SOT23-6, SOP8, TDFN8

Additional Features

  • 5 bytes of Serial Number can be added
  • 2 Kbytes of OTP(One Time Programing) built-in
  • Able to record Counting for various applications such as printer cartridges
  • Data Encryption in accessing Memory

Selection Guide

MemoryROMEEPROM 2KBytesFlash 16KB wth MCU
Operating Voltage3.3V2.0 ~ 3.5V1.8 ~ 5.5V
OSCExternal20MHz built-in20MHz built-in
Enc/DecDES 64-bit DecAES 128/192/256AES 128/256
Packages8SOP8SOP / SOT23 / 8TDFN24SOP
AvailabilityIn ProductionIn ProductionUnder development
ProtocolI2C onlyI2C / Single-WireI2C / Single-Wire