Chipsbrain Co., Ltd. is the Owner of KEROSTM chip, a Security IC.

About Chipsbrain

Chipsbrain as a fabless semiconductor supplier, has been focusing on Security IC business since 2008 when 64-bit Copy-protection IC CO164 was launched. Recently, Chipsbrain has introduced and start production Hardwired Authenticaiton IC, KEROSTM which built high end AES 256-bit encryption standard.

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Chipsbrain dreams of Safer World :

As IT technology is not only making this world more convenient to live in but also exposing us to a lot of danger. We hope that Chipsbrain contributes to making this world safer.

Chipsbrain makes the dream come true with KEROS, the Security IC.

KEROS protects your application. Based on hardwired Encryption technology not software, it's much safer from hacking. Any user of KEROS will have a powerful hardware protection device which has an never stolen Unique ID.

KEROS protects your valuable assets. The Applications can create a Serial Number for each KEROS chip. You can make your each application product UNIQUE in the world that prevents your product from any attempt of copying

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